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What we’re about

Please note that The Wealth Building Business Coach London group is strictly about introducing to members online business educational training by presenting webinars on various industry topics. Every event is free of charge. This group does not offer the following:
1.      financial advice, financial claims, financial services, assurance of financial gains
2.      licensed services or financial guarantees.
3.      or make promises of specific returns on investment.

The Wealth Building Business Coach London group supports Meetup's policies and guidelines.

This group is about exploring options to create wealth by hosting online business events.

We are about helping each other to achieve financial success by aligning ourselves with clear goals, doing what we love, and manifesting our desired choices:

1/ To live in connection to your true nature and purpose
2/To build your financial abundance and freedom

Wealth can come from different sources and is not restricted to one job. We are here to help you explore other financial options.

Many of us have been stuck in continuous cycles of the rut with the corporate job, certain toxic relationships, and lifestyles having unclear vision, goals, limiting beliefs, and mindsets. It is so easy to stay there and get comfortable, however, this prevents us from having success and financial freedom. This group is about helping each other to break out of these self-sabotaging patterns and reset a brand new life path.

We bring together leading-edge global coaching events to help you explore the different profitable online businesses and the skills to reach your goals.

Come along to our regular live events to find out more about how to create a breakthrough, meet like-minded digital nomads, and receive further wealth-building online training to fast-track your success.

Perhaps you would also like to find your Business Mentor to make this happen. Well, you have come to the right place. I invested in education this year and found myself a mentor. Within a short period, it’s paying off, my finance has increased, and I also get to do what I love.

Are you ready to Invest in Yourself by Taking Action? I look forward to meeting you at future events.