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Find Your Peace... Keep Your Peace

For those of you who initially joined this group in wanting to understand more about grief and since working on our grief is a part of finding peace, I have decided to shift gears into finding peace in our lives.

Last year (January - September, 2022), my healing process involved going on an Inner Peace Pilgrimage on the road. I shared my experiences on my podcast, Caroline Rena and The Ride of My Life. You can see the episodes HERE.

What I discovered through the process was that cognitive therapy wasn't enough. I needed to release trauma in my nervous system and learn to regulate myself when something challenging came up for me in my life.

For many years, anything that caused me anxiety would throw me into a tailspin, flashback or I would dissociate. The challenge, I discovered, was that when I was dysregulated from my nervous system, it was difficult, at best, to take steps to shift my life. I realized that talking in therapy or with a coach helped me discover what was going on. Then, doing the Somatic (body) work helped heal my nervous system.

I also remembered that my father used to say to me, "Keep the Peace." This statement constantly kept me in a state of confusion as keeping the peace is all about being responsible for everyone and everything in our lives. I was continuously trying to make sure that everyone else was ok, while in the meantime, there was a war going on inside me. I continued to stay in hyper-vigilance mode; I was frozen in time. That was my nervous system at work.

What this inevitability creates is codependency, anxiety, fear and our lives falling apart because we are in the process of trying to make everyone else happy while leaving ourselves behind. There is an expectation that if we aren't able to keep the peace or make others happy, we are somehow selfish.

When we haven't learned how to heal in a way that creates a safe space for our inner child, we go on to have a continuing and lifelong negative impact on our capacity to find joy in our lives and to remain healthy. This shows up in our jobs/businesses and relationships, with others and especially ourselves. It can most certainly cause us to feel stuck and, in turn, it becomes a life unfulfilled; like there is something missing.

When we begin to understand the truth that is inside of us, we can begin to heal. Writing in group can be a cathartic and safe space to do the work of finding peace. We start to heal once we feel heard. This isn't about being perfect. We will never feel peaceful as long as all of this is going on.

Once I started the work on my nervous system, worked through PTSD and Complex PTSD, things began to settle in me and I started to feel at peace.

You too can find that...

Sessions include meditation, writing prompts for the healing process and opportunities to connect and share with others.

These meetings will be held virtually and in-person.

I can help guide you on your journey of healing. For more information on me and the work I do, please go to my Website or LinkTree.

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