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Are you looking for a central resource or "HUB" to grow your business? Then you've come to the right place! The Entrepreneur HUB of Charlotte will help you

EXPOSE YOUR NETWORK: We expose you to networking opportunities hosted by our strategic partners, giving you maximum access to opportunities in the area to find connections and be found by those who need to know about you! We have a unique way get to know each other that leads to more people, more ideas, more referrals, more leads and more business!

EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE: It takes time to research and test the proper tools and platforms to run a business these days, so here we expand your knowledge with information and training to pick the right ones for you and your business. Our strategic partners offer unique trainings in their areas of expertise to provide qualities programs to meet the needs of current day entrepreneur!

EXPLODE YOUR BRAND: Does your business provide the same kind of services found on this Meetup? Are you looking for ways to partner and share referrals, recommendations and trusted leads? Strategic partnerships are a great way to experience Reciprocal Marketing and Brand Explosion when you work closely with like-minded business owners sharing the same business alignments!

YOU are invited to join in the process and follow the path to success!

This group is for you if you are:

- An entrepreneur or small business owner;

- A home-based business owner;

- A network marketer growing a team;

- A work from home parent;

- Someone who wants to showcase your venue;

- Or even someone considering starting a business who wants to do it right…

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