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CoCreateX TwinCities Open House | Q4 Event Preparations & Calendar Development
Details CoCreateX's is a weekly gathering of innovators, makers, students, professionals, entrepreneurs,inventors and other inspirational folks. We host an Open House for people who will bring new projects to share with us. We will answer questions that you need help with to assist you in developing your innovative concept. Come to learn what others in the Twin Cities are creating. First timers attending the Open House, will want to check out our laser cutter, large-format printer, CNC mill, 3D printer, welding shop, video recording studio, and other maker space tools that you can use in the house for free. We often feature local creators of different types who give feature presentations and demos - inventors, engineers, entrepreneurs, innovators, business owners, investors, and even artists fill out the list. Join us for inspiring discussions and connections with other passionate creators. SCHOOLS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND CoCreateX also hosts events for students and schools that are working on Innovation Projects and we will bring our bus which is an innovation lab on wheels directly to your school. Please visit our website to see the testimonials and discover the CoCreateX Thank You concept how people are helping each other. You can also sign up for our Facebook CoCreatex Group and learn what we are doing around the USA and connect with our members.


1137 Burns Avenue · Saint Paul, MN

What we're about

Are you an entrepreneur or are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are determined to face adversity even when their friends and family are discouraging about their passion.

It takes courage for an entrepreneur to come to a meetup when you don't know anyone. This group is so warm and friendly to every new person that has the passion to show up. You get charged up from the support of everyone in the group who care about you and encourage you to continue to drive forward in the face of doubt. As you seek your goal of being self sufficient and a good provider to the people around you, we are here to support you.

Minnesota Entrepreneurs (MnE) provides an environment for entrepreneurs to discover a supportive community of like minded business people who are passionate about "giving" from their own entrepreneurial experiences. Members support each other incubating the entrepreneurial ideals to fruition.

Everyone is welcome to join the group if you fit in one or more of the following four categories:

* Entrepreneurs

* Aspiring Entrepreneurs

* Investors

* Mentors

We do not have any membership dues or revenue criteria. Whether you own a company or just want to help other people succeed, MnE provides the encouragement you seek to inspire your passion.

The meetings are about an individual member's presentation of hers/his unique experiences that reflect on the tenacity and drive that is the core element that keep entrepreneurs growing towards their passion to succeed. Every attendee is entitled to a 20 second elevator pitch introduction.

The majority of the meeting is spent in an interactive exchange with other attending members sharing referrals, information, and resources.

Several meetups are held every week between St. Paul and Minneapolis for the opportunity of the total community to be served.

MnE has a series of 12 monthly incubator style Lunch 'n Learns every Mon, Tues, & Wed all on different topics. We collaborate with 15 other meetup groups so we have aggregated a community of more than 25,000 meetup members who observe and contribute to the success of our local community.

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