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We are a group for anyone interested in fitness, wellbeing, meeting new people, learning more about the body and wanting a fun and stimulating work out!

All levels, shapes and sizes are welcome, as all our classes are designed to fit everyone, regardless of experience.

At The Muscle Marys, we are inclusive of everyone no matter where on the spectra you find yourself - as long as you are LGBTQ friendly!

We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and supportive environment where we combine fitness with fun, so make sure you bring your friends along to any of our sessions - gay, bi, straight, boys, girls and anyone in between - whoever that special person is that helps you reach your goals, let's get them in the studio too!

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The Muscle Marys are also about so much more than just training - we also encourage a well balanced lifestyle in general which includes socialising and enjoying a healthier way of thinking. To help with this, we always try to make sure our post-session socials are at healthy eateries and cafes in the local area, where we can all enjoy a well balanced meal and a chat together!
What’s even better - if the Muscle Mary sessions are making you hungry for more training action, we can also design a personalised programme tailored for you to do alongside your weekly Muscle Mary sessions - just ask your instructor at the end of the session.

How to Join our classes:
You can book individual sessions to any of our classes by RSVP.
To help you save, we also offer packages of either 5 or 10 session to a reduced price to some of our classes.
For up to date information on times, locations and prices, and to book your space, please contact us at themusclemarys@gmail.com or visit https://themusclemarys.co.uk/

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