Healing Path of The Rose Teaching Series w/Susanah Magdalena

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Come up the external stairs on the south side of the Little Creek Building. Enter the double external doors for Suite 275

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Susanah Magdalena has an almost complete memory of her time here on the Earth while Mary and Yeshua were here as well. She remembers the healings that were offered and how profound they were. She also remembers how they were done.

Susanah remembers that it was she who put together the actual Teaching that was shared with others who too were to walk as healers within this vibration of the Christed Light. After putting together the Teaching – Yeshua and Susanah worked closely together to weave it into a workable method. After this portion was accomplished, she and Mary then worked on it to bring forth the “magick” within the Teaching. Together, they created the “mysterious” component that gave the Teachings ‘life’.

The Teachings of the Healing Path of The Rose is designed as ritualistic and sacred. The holiness of each step we take together will be observed and experienced with reverence, for this is the acceleration of the innate soul presence of the individual that will be awakened and brought to full life. Vibrational toning along with the use of scent assist in bringing forth primal patternings of the soul. We will explore through elemental components associated with the Tree of Life. Various tools will be brought forth to heighten awareness and connectivity.

Sacred Geometry | Anointing | Prayer | Meditation | Creative Expression

This is a Teaching that you will leave as Certified Rose Healers with the full ability to take the Teachings of this Healing Path of The Rose out into our wounded world. You will hold all of the available knowledge to take this into the Practice of Forgiveness + Merciful Compassion = Joy.

Gathering of the Magdalene Healers - Friday, December 21st – 6:30-9:30pm
Beginning at this Sacred time of the Winter Solstice and the Christmas Season along with so many other advents of the Return of The Light – we will begin this Journey as Healers, as Magdalenes, as those who walk within The Path of TheWay back to the Light of The Creator Within.

The 1st time together will be somewhat of an Introduction to the vibrational patternings of what will be brought forth. This is to introduce the students into what will be shared and how. Susanah will also offer a guideline that we will follow throughout our time together.

The Teachings will commence with the Gathering of The Roses.
Friday, December 21st - 6:30-9:30pm

There are 5 components in the middle of the 7-part Teaching that are the Keys to Unlocking the Wisdom Within.

Sacred Breath of The Holy Spirit - Saturday, January 5th – 10am-4pm
*associated with Atziluth of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life

Sacred Sound of Creation - Saturday, January 26th – 10am-4pm
*associated with Briah of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life

Sacred Revelation of Aspiration – Saturday, February 2nd – 10am-4pm
*associated with Jetzirah of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life

Sacred Vibration of Manifestation – Saturday, February 16th – 10am-4pm
*associated with Malkuth of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life

Sacred Harmony of Holy Unity – Saturday, March 2nd – 10am-4pm
*associated with the middle pillar of direct access on Kabbalah’s Tree of Life

Gathering of the Rose Healers – Friday, March 8th – 6:30-8:30pm
The 7th time together is where we will share this healing energy with others that will be invited in to receive.

The Healing of The Magdalene Investment:
$153.00 – each individual class
Pay in Full and Save $121.00 - Pay In Full Investment: $950.00 by December 1st.

To find out more about and to contact Susanah:
www.thebelovedheartsource.com [masked]

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