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What we’re about

Welcome to The Eclectic at Spirit's Edge! Participating in this meetup is a great way to get involved in your Witchcraft, magickal, shamanic and pagan community - a great way to get to know and build friendship and community with other Witches, Wiccans, Mages, Shamans and Pagans and others on their spiritual journeys. We are an eclectic organization - all traditions, paths and experience levels are welcome! 

Learn about upcoming public events in the St. Louis region. Have fun, learn and share your witchy, magickal and spiritual life in a safe and welcoming space! To attend our meetups, please read all the details and register. We have a online Healing Spirit Circle as well! For more details on it, join this meetup and then message Kassia S. Morgan.

Though events and meetups posted are local to the St. Louis region, we welcome those from around the country and world to join us as well, as we are all one community in Spirit. We sometimes offer a free shorter version of each sabbat ritual online for continued practice at home, or for those who cannot attend our in-person sabbat rituals, on our wordpress and facebook pages),

We respect each other and all paths to the top of the mountain. New seeker or experienced practitioner, it does not matter, as we all have much to learn from each other and all are welcome.

Join us also for magickal discussions by joining our online Spirit's Edge: A Seeker's Salon community for discussions. Check out our Facebook page and "like" and follow us there, and follow us on Twitter at ... meetup is free, though you are welcome to make a contribution to our event expenses (and after event expenses, the 501c3 effort) via the Meetup page "chip in" button if you'd like, or on our website at

This group is The Eclectic as The Eclectic at Spirit's Edge. Spirit's Edge Shamonial Temple is a non-profit religious organization and are working on our federal 501c3! 

Our Meetup page settings are set to "private" for the privacy of our members. We ask that you provide a current photo of yourself for the safety of all members, along with sharing some background about yourself and your path. 

Welcome to the Edge, where Spirit dwells! Many blessings to you all!

Love & Light and Blessed be!


Kassia S. Morgan

Spirit's Edge Founder, Minister, High Priestess