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What we’re about

From professional sellers to newbies, we offer Amazon support, advice, guidance, expert views and must-have tips in a relaxed and friendly environment. We cover selling in any or all of America, Canada, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

You'll have spent time trawling the help videos and guides on Amazon, you'll be a member of at least one, and probably five or more FaceBook groups about selling on Amazon, you'll have posted (or responded to) questions, successes, failures and frustrations in these groups, you'll have read the threads, and you'll have made copious notes. 

You're a sponge for anything Amazon as you believe that knowledge is power. Maybe you are new to selling on Amazon, you may be in your first year, or you may have already retired from your successes there. Wherever you are in this journey this is a meet-up group designed to get you away from your screen and to share and network with others who see selling on Amazon as their business and their future. 

We cover Amazon selling in Europe and the UK from people who are successfully doing it there, as well as selling on Amazon in North America.

We learn, laugh, share and become more successful.

Outside of our meetings we continue the conversation on our FaceBook group - join us here:

This group has a sister group in London (UK) with over 1,800 members - the World's largest Amazon sellers Meetup group: - we will draw on their knowledge and experience to tackle selling on Amazon across Europe and the UK as well as their experiences from selling in North America.