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Late-Breaking Meetup at The Fish Head Cantina, THIS FRIDAY!

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Well, this is how it happened. Elly wanted a meetup at Looney's, so I said, OK, and there was a meetup at Looney's. THEN she says, well hey now, my nephew Paul's band is playing an early set at the Fish Head Cantina in Arbutus (ok, Halethorpe), you wanna go with me? And I said SURE because I like Paul, and his band, AND I haven't seen Elly in ages so yeah.

So then Thais sends me this nice greeting asking if we're going to have a meetup at a bar anywhere near Catonsville any time soon and I'm thinkin' to myself, I should just go ahead and post this Fish Head Cantina deal as a meetup in and of itself.

So I am. Here it is.

Elly and I will likely roll in around 8 or 8:15. The name of Paul's band is Emergence and they're supposed to start at 8:30. They're genre is jam band. At least one of us will have a balloon attached to our clothing, which admittedly is a little weird but we don't care and, it makes us a lot easier to spot in a crowd. It will most likely be a black balloon, because that's just the kind of sense of humor we have. (Actually Elly usually picks a yellow balloon. I like the black ones - it goes back to Valentine's Day but, we don't have to get into THAT story right now)

Anyhow, come on out.