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Wine & Guidelines: The Black Doll Affair New Member Open House
*+Nonrefundable Ticket includes: entry, wine, hor-deuvres and 1 Black Doll T-shirt. $20 value. Tickets: - *Vintage Dolls, in the same suite later that evening, you're invited to our Thanksgiving edition of "Apartment D", as in Doll. RSVP: Have you been wanting to join The Black Doll Affair self-esteem movement? Have you been looking for a philanthropic AND fun social club? Did you just become a Doll and have questions about our movement? Are you a current member wanting to socialize with new and vintage Dolls? You're invited to a penthouse suite wine reception to learn more about joining The Black Doll Affair and living your life as a Black Doll! In a luxurious setting, join the Founder of The Black Doll Affair, for an intimate afternoon. We're opening the dollhouse doors to to entertain a small group of new and potentially new members ready to live life as a Doll! Upon entry into The Black Doll's penthouse suite at a beautiful hotel in area code 30339 (exact hotel unit will be issued to ticket holders), enjoy wine (or non-alcoholic bev), and guidelines! Combines with networking with other women boarding our self-esteem movement, greeting our leaders, the Ambassadolls, and meeting our Founder, Mama Doll! Sit with Mama Doll and learn the history of our movement, learn about our current and upcoming Affairs. This is life as a Doll!

Private Penthouse Suite Located in Zip Code 30339

We'll text ticket holders the Address on the day of the Affair · Atlanta, ga


What we're about

How to get involved! So, you want to become a living Doll? Cool! Pickup your Black Doll T-shirt in

store (, then return here to signup and get active being a b'huetiful philanthropist called a "Black Doll!"

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Gabrielle Union becomes an Honorary Black Doll!

Taye Diggs is a Black Doll Brotha!

Danny Strong; Writer of the Butler & Co-Creator of Empire is a Black Doll Porcelain Pal

President Obama Awards the Black Dolls with his "Volunteer Service Award".

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In recent Doll Test ( conducted by CNN & ABC, black and white children show a preference for the white doll. In 2007, after witnessing the problematic conversations in Kiri Davis' documentary "A Girl Like Me", and learning more about the ugly results of the original "Doll Test" that played an integral part in Brown v. Board of Education ( [1954] Supreme Court ruling, Dana Mama Doll Hill ( created the perfect solution called The Black Doll Affair.

Partners with Barbie, The Black Doll Affair is a self-esteem movement and philanthropic social club acknowledged by President Barack Obama! Created as a "pretty...philanthropic" solution to the ugly results of the black and white doll tests experiments, where black children selected the white doll as pretty and good and the black doll as ugly, bad and the one they least preferred, members are called The Black Dolls! The Black Dolls are on a mission to change the way black girls are perceived, and, more importantly, perceive themselves! To change the world for black women and girls, join here or support us by making a Paper Doll (money) donation, and or, rocking b'huetifully, a Black Doll Affair self-esteem tee!

How to get involved! So, you want to become a living Doll? Cool! Pickup your T-shirt in store (, then return here to signup and get active being a b'huetiful philanthropist called a Black Doll!

Global ​Services: Recipients of President Obama's "Presidential Volunteer Service Award", the members of The Black Doll Affair, The Black Dolls, are philanthropists with their own day on the calendar in the state of Georgia! For black girls under the age of 12, The Black Dolls donate toy black dolls. For black girls ages 12-17, they host tween self-esteem summits. For black women 18 and older, they gather on and off-line for volunteer opportunities, community service, social work, conversations of legacy, inspiring celebrations and fun! Black Dolls have more fun! These are the Affairs of the Black Dolls

​Love is the Answer: The reason for the black heart in our logo is The Black Doll Affair's intention is to restore love for the girl in the mirror. Our challenge is to find ways to do this through online and offline self-esteem summits, service, sisterhood and social play. When we achieve our mission, meet our goal, live up to our intention and conquer the challenges that greet us in our "pretty...philanthropic" efforts in love, we will be rewarded with a b'huetiful legacy for black girls around the world and the communities in which we live, work and play!

Accolades! Acknowledgments! Awards:

• Presidential Acknowledgement: Recipients of President Obama's "Presidential Volunteer Service Award ("

• A Day on the Calendar: With the help of Congressman John Lewis, The Black Dolls were given their own day on the calendar ( in the State of Georgia! Celebrate hue we are every year on December 12th!

• The ChocoStar Award: Taye Diggs and Shane Evans awarded ( this to their Black Doll sisters for being #sweet!

Too often, so that others can shine, we black girls dim our lights. On television black women fight like cats & dogs. Within The Black Doll Affair, those stories retire. The Black Doll Affair is not your typical social club and it’s not a black power thing. It’s a black empowerment movement! The Black Doll Affair is a lifestyle and beautiful journey into a celebration of hue you were born! Black Dolls are the stars of our show! Our supporting casts are our Porcelain Pals and Heroes. Porcelain Pals, are women who are not black and our Heroes are all races of men.

Don't call us Role Models! If our actions inspire others, well that's God' work. As imperfect human beings, we want the opportunity to grow into those big shoes called love. All the while making those inevitable life mistakes along the way, without the perfection of the unrealistic title of "Role Models" hanging over our heads. Every day people, we're only trying to become better individuals, make a positive impact on the black girl's legacy, and leave the world better because of our efforts! There is no such thing as a Role Model. It is a contrived title that not one of us born onto this planet has ever lived up to. Some of history’s greatest men were womanizers and, as historians have recorded, some of our most thoughtful teachers were riddled with lessons to learn. Whether you’re the First Lady of this great nation or a mega church, as human beings, we’re imperfect souls on our way to our next gigantic mistake. The Black Dolls, are NOT role models because our Founding Doll didn't want anyone of her Dolls to have to live up to THAT "foolishness!" With human blood mixed with yin and yang flowing so freely through each of us, who can really call themselves a role model? So, what are we?

We're ICONIC! Being ICONIC examples of dolling behavior is better than being a role model especially since being an icon is a realistic and achievable goal, unlike being a role model. The most important thing for The Black Dolls to have is love in our hearts. That’s the reason The Black Doll Affair’s iconic symbol is a black heart.

"Mama Doll" - "When we began to know for sure, that LOVE is all there is, terms like role models will have NO PLACE in our society. Role models ARE contrived ideas of societal standards that bore me. Black Dolls are society’s icons that put on a show for all those willing to love and grow!

The Black Doll Affair Social Club is where black girls retire from cliques; stop the head rolling, the un-lady like behavior, and the crabs in a barrel mentality, the hateration and the infighting, all while having the time of their lives! Black girls, this is your opportunity to love the skin you’re in, befriend the sista in the mirror; be kind to the girl next door; do better by the strangers put on your path; ditch that chip on your shoulder, lose that sistah-girl attitude; and become a lot more graceful, a bit more gentle, a little less defensive, and a bunch more philanthropic! This is the social club black girls join to give life to the phrase “When we know better, we do better.” This is where drama rides off into the sunset. This is where hate retires & love steps up! Black girls join The Black Doll Affair Social Club with the intention to love and live beautifully…internally, externally and intrinsically! This is where black girls grow into their true essence and awesomeness! This is where black gives back. This is where Black Dolls have more fun! This is The Black Doll Affair, a return to love!

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