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What we’re about

Dear one, are you sick of superficial relationships and constantly suppressing who you are for fear of being judged? if that hit a soft spot, then read below!

As observers, we have uncovered that society is SO good at shoving us into a box and placing judgments on us that "we should be a certain way". Well, we don't believe in that philosophy (never have) and that's why we started this meetup! 

We are committed to breaking this cycle. We are a judgement free zone, a safe space for you.

This meetup is for the woman/femme identifying who wants to transform into being her highest, most truest self - through dance without boundaries. Ecstatic Dance is a magical form of expression that helps us connect with our soul and remove (even if it's just temporarily) our limiting beliefs and worries. It gives us a safe container to connect with ourselves and community. 

We want to GIVE YOU PERMISSION to express yourself fully and so our intention behind this meetup is to have monthly DANCE PARTIES (likely on a weekend night) that also include meditation, community art expression and community breathwork! The caveat is that there will be no alcohol and no negative music - only positive/uplifting music and true genuine connection to ourselves and others.

We want to build a community of women that feel comfortable in their own skin and feel comfortable allowing themselves to BE themselves, unapologetically. If this is something of interest, I hope you join this group! Feel free to send any inquires our way, we love connecting! 

We cannot wait to meet your beautiful soul and to help you re-connect to yourself and your purpose.

We are so looking forward to dancing with you

-Nattie Boss & Emelyn Cormier