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THE COETANEOUS: [ defined as synchronicities, coincidences, coeval, and cosmic rarities occurring at the same time or period, or to simultaneously share the same experience without being physically together. ]

‘The Coetaneous’ was created with the idea of building a Community among members of the collective D.M.V. area utilizing three core principles: Connection, Communication, and Co-Creation. It embodies the idea of a new Collective paradigm, a new age of consciousness that is focused on the expression of the unique sovereign self, while Coexisting in Collaboration and Consideration of the Collective Coetaneous.

‘The Coetaneous’ is perfect for individuals who feel as if they have a higher calling or purpose in life; a purpose to have impact; to Create positive Change on a global scale; or who just like to be of service to those in need. Whether it is through Charity, donation, volunteer services, being someone to talk to, or helping those in need in an altruistic way that values benevolence at the core of every action.

‘The Coetaneous’ brings together the overly optimistic, quirky, idealistic dreamers; todays innovators, future disruptors, philosophers, creators, authors, survivors, and divine messengers; let’s come together, as the “Coetaneous” Change agents of our time.

Events will be hosted ~ 3-4x monthly, on both the weekdays as well as weekends. Events will fall under one of the three foundational principles: Connection, Communication, and Co-Creation. Events are listed under each of the core principles below to give you a better idea of the types of events that will be held.
>Midday nature walks|Foraging|Hiking/Camping
>Expeditions/Medicinal Herbs| Healing plants
>Full moon ceremonies | Eclipse Parties | Stargazing | 
>Games | Charades | Scavengers | Activities
>Live concerts | Shows | Music | Dance Parties
>Museums | Festivals | Carnivals 
>Sports | Physically Active  
>Happy Hour | Socializing | Dinners | Cocktails
>Fireside Chat
>Cait's Controversial Chat’s (Covid, Conspiracy, Control)
>Philosophic|Politically Persuasive|POV: The Devils Advocacy Exercises
>Current Issues & Proposed Solutions.
>Poetry Writing: Process and Reprocessing the Past
>Book/Bio Writing (autobiography, memoir, third person)
>(The 6@6): Full 6 min of time to speak on whatever topic/subject of your choice
>PeacefulProtesting|PoliticalMovements >Politics|Lobbying|LocalGovernment >Innovative|Altruistic|BusinessFormation >Volunteer|Assist|Charity|Fundraising
>Expansion through collaboration with others | Co-Creation of new business | Centered on Common interests and benevolent motives.
>International aid|Funding|Missionary >Healthcare Reform|Transforming Health >(Prevention > profit and pharma) - political power vs. public health
>Creative pursuits such as painting, sketching, unique artistic expressions, woodworking, restoration, and other DIY art modalities.

||||||About “The Coetaneous” creator:|||||||

>MY name is Coetaneous Cait! l'm new-ish to the DMV area, recently began my career here as an acute care nurse practitioner. Now that Ive settled in my new job and created a little bit of a financial security and stability - I need people to share this beautiful life with! I’m ready to have a community of support and encouragement, one that is powerful and inspiring, and meant to be a catalyst for the revolutionary change that is to come!

>I’m looking for the tribe, to make quality connections, and open myself up to the individual uniqueness of humanity, encouraging others to do the same. One day, I hope to sit in a position of influence and have the capacity to disrupt corrupt systems and re-establish focus on the individual and community first, not the business and government.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Ghandi

“Astrology is an aspect of spirituality, a
dimension of spirituality. It is the
science of wholeness, unity, non
duality.” -Osho

“The purpose in life is to find your gift, the journey is to develop and refine your gift, and the meaning of life is to give your gift away.” -Pablo Picasso

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Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine Auction

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March's Monthly Connect

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Ice Skating @ Cameron Run

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Focus Friday : Future Impact & Areas of Reform

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