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You spend your days nurturing the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of others; your mate, your parents, children, grandparents, friends, family, co-workers and those in your community. You take the time to pour care into inspiring and encouraging them to be their best selves and live their best life leaving little time, if any, for yourself! Join, follow, and shine with the Four Cs of Diamonds.

We offer extraordinary adventures and events therapy that heals the soul.

The Four Cs of Diamonds is a women’s empowerment organization that focuses on nurturing the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of that unsung supercalifragilisticexpialidocious woman you see in the mirror. The Four Cs of Diamonds represent the processes by which we grow. First, we get cut. We suffer through many cuts; though they hurt a little they are not enough to provoke change. Next, comes the crush. Crush is an occurrence or series of occurrences that happened that we deem so traumatic it rocks our mental state and emotional state to the core and sorely impacts our emotional state. The next C is where it gets tricky. It stands for correct. Many have been crushed but not everyone survives the crush. Not everyone makes corrections. They simply build the rest of their lives around what crushed them. However, to become a carat we must through critical and provocative thinking acknowledge past mistakes and bad habits we must correct our behavior. The last C is for carat. A carat is what we become when we survive cut, crush, and correction. Metaphorically, the Four Cs of Diamonds evolve through the fire, pressure, buffing, polishing and shining, like diamonds. From a lump of coal (newborn) to a rare, valuable, precious, and unique gem (individual). So rare, in fact, that no two diamonds are alike.

The Four Cs of Diamonds has a judge-free zone. We recognize that authenticity is better than perfection so we created a safe space for the Diamonds to be themselves. The Four Cs of Diamonds offers empowerment tools such as workshops on leadership and entrepreneurship, stock and group investment, credit and debt management, love and relationships with experts in their respective fields, networking events, and dress for success days. We decompress during our monthly Mental Health Monday. This is a once a month event where we play games, karaoke, share ideas, conduct round table talk about love, life, and relationships, discuss COVID-19 coping mechanisms on how everyone is dealing with today’s changes. The Four Cs of Diamonds has weekly interactive discussions in our private social media chat room and share daily inspiration and affirmations. Because the Four Cs of Diamonds offers a variety of tools and vehicles that empower us to level up we have also established a grow-or-go culture. Dead weight is detrimental to our health. Dead weight keeps us cemented in meaningless, frivolous, self-defeating behaviors that gets us nowhere.

Join The Diamonds; we offer personal developmental steps for reinventing, reestablishing, or simply rejuvenating yourself. We discuss healthy ways of eliminating the toxicities that halt our productivity as a person, employee, parent, sister, mate, or friend. Did I mention, we highly recommend our events and adventure therapy? A day away from our normal comfort zones does wonders to our minds, body, and spirit.

A Diamond challenges herself to remove comfort zone barriers and equips herself to handle the bigger picture of life. Making lifetime memories with other Diamonds provides the substance that adds the individual value that, collectively, enhances and strengthens our entire community. Possessing positive and productive life skills, health, wealth, love, and relationships are vital to success and happiness.

The Diamonds Mission: to become a global movement by healing then celebrating the woman in the mirror therefore showering the world with precious gems. The Diamonds' rises to the epitome of ourselves by healing old wounds and embracing endless possibilities. The goal is to polish the shine of each diamond so that she grows and glows no matter where she goes.

The Diamonds Vision: to, diamond by diamond, fiercely protect our mental, spiritual, and emotional health by becoming more aware of self, to take care of self, take/make time for self, and love on self.

The Diamonds Value: with The Diamonds all roads lead to self-confidence, self-assurance, and a well-balanced mental, physical and emotional state that helps put her world into its proper perspective. Our quality excursions and luxurious events, promote a positive self-image, discussions on love, relationships, and self-esteem, life skills education, in-house resourcing with credible connections, lots of spirited celebrations, and much more.

The Diamonds Favorite Quotes:

Everyone wants to be a Diamond but not everyone wants to get cut. No Pressure NO Diamond. No struggle NO Strength.

Launching SOON:

Life Coach - for those needing assistance structuring a healthy work/life balance

Group adventures (one-tank trip one day trip, weekend excursion, or overnight field trip)

Four C's of Diamonds Podcasts

Tiered Membership Packages Launches Monday, January 3, 2022

Join (https://www.meetup.com/The-Diamonds/#), follow, and shine with The Diamonds.


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