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Welcome to DnD Club - Professional Run Online RPGS

You want to play roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons. You’ve watched Critical Role, you bought the Starter Kit, you’ve created multiple characters...and you’re stuck. You are in the right place. I started this business to create a welcoming, safe, and encouraging community for tabletop roleplaying.

We now have a international community of over 5000 players and we continue to expand.

This hobby can seem very difficult to access, and getting started can feel impossible. This group is about eliminating those barriers and creating a wonderful place for both new and experienced gamers.

Our team of professional GMs runs the games you dream about: reliable, immersive, and professional.

Our mission:

Heroic immersion: Regardless of the system or DM, we want you to feel as if you are walking the forests of Mirkwood, through the world of Exandria, or into the dungeon of a Mad Mage. We immerse players, new and experienced, in classic, heroic adventures, in the theme of Tolkien, Lovecraft, Howard, and many more...every single session.

Reliability: Not only do our games provide an excellent experience, they are reliable. We run at least 10 games per month, and our player attendance rate is above 95%. Additionally, we have a team of 30 DMs working together to ensure that we never cancel an event.

Player Driven: Our games are player driven, putting you and your character at the center of the plot. Your choices will decide the outcome: from heroic victory to an untimely end. We encourage adventure feedback and try to make each session even better than the last.

RPGs are an awesome experience, and our tables are open to all players 21+ years of age.

We'll teach you everything you need to know, and everybody we play with is very welcoming to players interested in checking out the hobby.

Here's the secret to this group: we pay our DMs. Because of this, sessions run on time, with prepared facilitators, and typically full tables of players.

Accordingly, all players are required to purchase their seats in advance to each session. Because preparation by the DM and other participants is impacted by the number of players, ticket reservations are final, no exceptions. Also, please do not "drop in" to the event. Cash is not accepted at the table.🔥🔮⚔️

Why on earth would I pay to play an RPG? 
Three reasons: reliability, quality, and immersion. Because all our players have "skin in the game" they are much more invested. Because we compensate our DMs, they are always on point with an awesome adventure.
I personally vet each GM and the GM team upholds rigorous quality standards of play.

Quality Standards: 
a) We make sure all participants have the materials they need, whether in person or online.

b) Sessions occur on schedule, at the same date and time each week, unless all participants agree to a new date and time. We've run over 1,600 sessions and had essentially zero cancelations.

c) Our players realize this is a cooperative endeavor. Mutual respect and cooperation is what we expect of all participants. DMs are trained in how to "share the spotlight" and no player is allowed to derail the experience.

d) In game themes of sexual assault, rape, or real world racism are expressly prohibited. Obviously these things are also prohibited between people as well.

e) DMs are highly responsive to feedback. We encourage all players to message either their DMs or me personally to ensure that each experience is awesome!

f) Disruptive behaviors by participants are first resolved in game, and then addressed by GMs out of game. DMs may remove players from sessions if needed to ensure a quality session. (To date we've never had to do this because players tend to work really well together.)

g) If there are any issues regarding DMs, please contact me (Adam Scott). If any of these standards have been broken, I will provide a full refund for your session.

h) DMs are expected to be prepared and begin on time. They are expected to deliver a quality experience on the platform of their choosing (typically roll20 and discord), every session.

About your host:
My name is Adam Scott. I'm the owner and head GM of DnD Club. We have run games for over 5,000 players over the past three years.

In my previous line of work, I was a classroom teacher for 15 years. I bring those same principles that made me an effective teacher to the RPG table. Everybody loves a great teacher, right? Those same skills make great GMs.

I learned how to play role playing games virtually as soon as I could roll dice and haven't looked back.

A huge fantasy and science fiction fan, I've engaged in immersive storytelling for 20+ years, both with friends and in my classroom as a career teacher. All are welcome at our tables so long as you're ready to work together, support one another, and have a great time.

We look forward to having you at the table.

Adam Scott
DnD Club
discord ID: Adam Scott - DnD Club#3754

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