We are heading down to the Chesapeake Bay to beautiful Janes Island State Park in Crisfield, Maryland for a 14 mile circumnavigation of the island. This is a long paddle sometimes with strong winds and choppy water and is meant for experienced paddlers, with 14 foot or longer boats who are comfortable doing a self or assisted rescue. We keep a brisk pace but will make multiple stops to explore the island and have lunch. Plan on the trip taking 6 to 8 hours.

You should bring:

• a 14 foot or longer kayak, with paddle, and ideally a spare paddle

• a PFD (which must be worn)

• a skirt

• lunch

• lots of water

• normal safety gear (paddle float, pump)

We are launching at 10am at the boat ramp in the park. Please arrive early enough to unload your boat, get dressed, setup your equipment, etc by that time.

This trip is rain or shine, but extremely high winds/thunderstorms/etc could cause a cancellation or a change in plans. Details of changes will be posted on the DVK site, or you can contact me (Jason) via cell phone at 856-981-7047.

I am camping at Janes Island the weekend of the trip, if you are camping and want to organize/discuss the trip with other like minded folks, please use the Janes Island Camping 2014 discussion thread in the Discussion section of the DVK web site, NOT the comments section of this paddle. Any discussion not related to this paddle in the comments section of this trip will be removed. The discussion can be found here:

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Paddling is an inherently dangerous sport. Information is provided with the understanding that the providers are not engaged in rendering advice on technical matters, equipment performance, safety, or any other aspect of the sport in absolute terms or advocating any of the techniques or experiences described.