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We are experts in small group travel & inspired tailor-made holidays for those who like their adventure with more style & comfort!

We are The Flash Pack a new breed of travel company specialising in remarkable, boundary-pushing trips around the globe. We cater to flashpackers (http://www.theflashpack.co.uk/blog/are-you-a-flashpacker/) who crave the freedom of their backpacking days & now want their adventure with a bit more comfort and style!

Whether you’re a solo traveller looking for a group holiday or want something totally tailor-made for you and your beau, we’ve got you covered.

Our mission is to send you somewhere incredible. We will inspire and guide you to wild, exotic and uncharted destinations around the globe. Experience something different. And experience it right. Because holidays are precious and we all want to make the most of our limited time off.

We understand that working professionals don’t have the luxury of time:
We’ll take care of all the details, from the moment you enquire, throughout the booking process and even after you return home. This means you get to squeeze every drop of experience from your encounters, and get to go where you want, when you want, for as long as you want.

We’re not like the travel agencies you’ll walk past on the high street, the faceless booking engines you might stumble upon online or other tour operators that will send you away with a random selection of people. We’re here to guide you, to inspire you, to tailor a trip to your precise needs, and to make sure your time away is perfect.

Are you a solo traveller but scared that Group Tours are outdated? Think again!

We offer experience-led group tours where you can meet like-minded people of your age - not a 18-year-old or pensioner in site. In fact, we like to think that we are single-handedly rehabilitating the reputation of the group tour industry!

We are the ONLY group tour company for the 30-45's. Don't fret, we welcome mature 20 somethings and vibrant 50 somethings too!

All our trips are tailored around the busy professional who craves excitement but want’s their adventure with a little more style and comfort!

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