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What we’re about

Hello and Welcome to The Haunted Barrie Meetup Group!

This is where paranormal enthusiasts can unite and help each other unravel the mysteries of this wondrous subject. We welcome you to join us at least once a month to share stories at social events, investigate reported public and private haunted locations throughout Ontario and the United States in a safe, professional and controlled manor.

We welcome everyone to join no matter what your experience level is! Over the many years of investigating paranormal phenomena I have found an unbiased group about this topic was needed in Barrie, my home town. A place where we can tell our stories to fellow group members without getting "the look" Since this group was born in march of 2007 we have had active members join from all over Southern Ontario and the USA, even though we're based in Barrie we have no boundaries.

"One of us is not as smart as all of us"

Jeff Ostrander ~ Organizer

Tara VanderMeulen ~ Assistant Organizer

Kelly McHugh ~ Assistant Organizer

Andrew Ostrander ~ Assistant Organizer