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What we’re about

Our Intuitive voice is quitter than our Ego, but with practice we can learn to distinguish both and strengthen the connection.
If you are ready to open and become aware of your connection the weekly classes will help you learn to trust and communicate in a relaxed and comfortable place with an experienced teacher.
Meditation is a vital element that will help you to reduce the "Mind Stress" that you may face in your busy life. If practiced with the elements of Surrendering to Self and self inquiry we can move beyond the identity of Ego into the now and simple be, present and awake for the rest of the journey.
Becoming Aware of who you are, what you are capable of and finding your purpose is a process of awakening. You already receive Intuitive messages but may not be aware of it. Or are experiencing it happening randomly. As you develop your connection you not only experience more Intuitive information but can learn to interpret that information faster.