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What we’re about

For those seeking greater self-fulfillment, a stronger sense of purpose or the healing power of nature, here's a unique opportunity to experience the beauty and wisdom of our herd of natural healers and coaches at The Mane Intent. No previous horse experience is required. No riding involved.

In experiential interactions with horses guided by a professional facilitator and certified effectiveness coach, you gain self-knowledge and acquire skills that can lead to positive life changes at work, at home and at play. We offer a variety of both individual and group facilitated workshops to help you discover ways to nurture and strengthen interpersonal connections, find connection and meaning in a busy life, unearth your talents, gifts and creativity, and live mindfully with an open heart.

The essence of this experience is the unique connection between horse and human. What horses bring to this offering is their ability to understand or intuit our emotions. They can evoke a human response that is unexpected and powerful. It is in that moment that the gate of possibility opens and the path to healing or self-awareness begins. It is this natural ability to read our personal energy and connect to the essence of our emotions that makes horses powerful natural coaches.

Our herd includes a mixture of mares and geldings who arrive at the farm with a variety of life experiences — much like many of our guests and clients. This is a gentle, relaxed herd. Each horse brings a unique personality and their own story to this work as they engage on the ground in partnership with our clients. If you are seeking a safe place to explore what’s possible while being mindful of your heart’s desire — then our herd is here to welcome and walk together with you.