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Chinese face reading is a branch of Chinese medicine that teaches us how to read character and personality from features on the face. The purpose of this group is to help more people discover and share the numerous benefits of face reading both in personal development and professional life.

Our faces carry amazing information about who we are, what we came to this world to do, and what really lights up our hearts. There are many practical benefits that Chinese face reading can give us in our personal and professional life. For example, face reading can help you

Discover the kind of work or career that is most fulfilling to you
Communicate more effectively with people in your life
Select the right candidate for the position you are hiring for
Decide if you want to go on a date with someone you have just met online

The roots of Chinese face reading can be traced back to Chinese Medicine. Thousands of years ago, the traditional physicians of China noticed that patterns appeared on the faces of patients who came to them with certain health conditions. Through much practice, observation, and study, it was discovered that specific areas, markings, and colors on the face correspond to certain health conditions. Experience proved to the Chinese physicians that this method of diagnosis could be very reliable and useful in treating their patients. This is how the ancient study of Oriental diagnosis began and developed over the centuries. Macrobiotic counseling also utilizes this ancient science by looking at the face and other parts of the body.

As the science of Oriental diagnosis continued to develop, practitioners began to notice that there were also patterns of character and personality that correlated to certain features on the face . Over a period of more than three thousand years, Chinese face reading has been studied and applied to understand what each feature on the face can tell us about personality. The ears, cheeks, nose, eye brows, mouth, and chin can tell us much about how someone tends to behave, think, and feel. Any markings, bumps, indentations, scars, or colors that appear on these features carry information about where we have been in the past, who we have become as a result, and the patterns that will likely continue to influence our behavior in the future.

Discovering face reading has been a life-transforming experience for me. It has helped me understand myself and others in a way that is more intimate, compassionate, and empowering. Unfortunately, most of us grow up with much external judgement. When we internalize this negative judgement, we end up losing parts of who who we are meant to be and what we came to this life to do. In Chines face reading, it is believed that each one of us has a unique inner nature that radiates through our faces. Face reading provides us with a great opportunity to understand who we are, without any negative judgement. Realizing that we are born with tendencies and patterns can be very relieving and empowering. The most powerful aspect of Chinese face reading is in recognizing and honoring the precious personality of each one of us.

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