What we're about

The question is..... Do you want to build a better life and make a positive difference?

If you do then you must know that MINDSET IS THE KEY and that this forum will kickstart your desired outcomes moving towards them now. It's simple really and you can do it and that is why this meetup is set up for you.


We are a group of like minded people who's mission is to generate a ripple effect of positive change worldwide. We'll share our stories, experiences, questions and continue to learn from each other elevating our lives and consciousness even higher, more and more, becoming better and better in all ways, always. That's Right! Remember, we believe you are all ultimate beings of light and that anything is possible if you now choose it. Choose Success and Better Results . Choose to live in Love, Gratitude & Abundance, being authentic and real adding value in the lives you are blessed to connect with.

This is what this meetup group is about and I know you will use it with integrity it deserves, after all we are all reflections of each other, are we not? Come and nuture your mind, heart & spirit. We will get together for information evenings, training & practice days, breakfast meetings and the occassional dinner and maybe a movie. You will discover, learn & experience everything NLP, Hypnosis, Kinesiology, Coaching, Time Line Therapy™, Positive & Energy Psychology. Your life will never be the same... It will be better!

Arthur Bablis
The MindBody Co

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