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Max Meditation System TM
with Shauna Kossoff, JD Mondays 7-8 pm $ Love Offering Weekly Max Meditation System TM Max Meditation System TM was created by Dr. Gudni Gudnason during his 35 years of traveling the globe integrating old and new philosophies to create a profoundly effective system. Join us for an experiential evening where you will discover how to create the space for balance in your life. Suitable for new and experienced meditators alike join us for an evening of deep relaxation. Start your week off from a space of clarity and peace. Contact Shauna for more details: [masked] Shauna is a Certified Guide with The Modern Mystery School who over the past 13 years has supported people in coming to Know Thyself. The Modern Mystery School under its Founder Dr. Gudni Gudnason is in the Lineage of King Salomon and the only open Mystery School of the seven great lineages. She found her way on to this path because of the stress of law school and stayed with it when she saw the joy and wonderment it brought back into her life and the lives of those around her; including a renewed passion for law which she still practices to this day. Embark on a transformational journey with this university for the soul.

SMHAS - School of Multidimensional Healing Arts

18271 McDurmott Ste. H CA 92614 · Irvine, CA

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"I had a Life Activation with Shauna after the Healing Circle on January 29th. Wow was it powerful. It was so amazing. Shauna is very powerful and I am so excited to do the Empower Thyself Program at the end February. I am also excited and looking forward to working with Shauna regularly to raise my vibration so that I can be the contribution I am here to be. I know I can step into this role with Shauna's guidance and support. Thank you Shauna for being such a bright shining light." Aimee Barnhurst

"Thank you for your service and for adding another spiritual path on my journey to healing & servitude. I enjoyed the teachings, new directions to other learning materials, and most importantly, the rituals for protection, empowerment, and healing. I know this information & education will be used on a daily basis. Thank you Shauna!" Brian

This is the power of the Empower Thyself program and its ability to transform your life at the most core level!

Do you struggle with depression?

Are health issues stopping you from doing all you want to with your life?

Is abundance and a life filled with meaning feeling out of reach?

A life filled with joy, energy, and purpose is possible! Allow me to guide you on a journey where you will learn ancient tools for today's world and along the way discover yourself.

I am Shauna Meryn Kossoff, ESQ. a Certified Guide with The Modern Mystery School. A Guide in this lineage is one who has the authority and training necessary to physically initiate people into a powerful path of self discovery.

My whole life I have been a spiritual seeker, but it was in Virginia in 2003, in the mist of my very challenging law school years, that I discovered this life changing path. Getting a Life Activation reminded me of the desire to serve that had lead me to law school, brought balance back into my life, and allowed me to feel a sense of wonderment and joy that I had not felt since I was a child. It was less then a month later that with soaring grades and incredible new energy I found myself walking down the path of the Empower Thyself initiation and have not stopped powerfully moving forward since be it in my work as an attorney or in leading people along this beautiful path.

Mystery Schools are ancient schools of wisdom and teachings that have stood the test of time, often by remaining in the shadows while sending their students out into the world as great leaders of their time. The Modern Mystery School, through its lineage holder Gudni Gudnason, traces its lineage back over 3,000 years to the time of Kind Salomon. It is one of the original Mystery Schools.

I offer Max Meditation System TM; relieve stress and gain clarity through a simple yet powerful style of meditation that draws from the best of the east/west and ancient/modern.

My programs provide a safe space for those of all backgrounds to explore and grow; let me know if you are interested. I have extensive background working with female legal professionals with "Asperger Syndrome" and have personally seen all this work can do to bring out their amazing gifts!

Discover and expand on your psychic gifts through Spiritual Intuition. Let me show you how to create a sacred space with Divine Sacred Geometry or how to travel the universe with Astral Travel/Lucid Dreaming. Allow me to help you clear away blocks and bring more energy into your life with a Life Activation or cut away negative ties that have held you back for so many years with an Emotional Cord Cutting.

Teachings are offered in the lineage of The Modern Mystery School.

Please ask me about packages.

If you feel strongly called to walk this Path of Empowerment and money is currently a challenge contact me so we can explore options.

Request a Free Consultation. I love to talk with people!

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Modern Mystery School:

Praise for the Life Activation:

"I feel whole, complete, and energized. I am more confident, social, and my gifts were able to shine through immediately." Erin

"I am more calm in my surroundings and confident in my own skin." R.W.

Praise for Empower Thyself

"Thank you very much for initiating me and activating me it was an honor. Always in service." Garrison Mark Freeman

"I have so much to process…my journey of enlightenment has begun and I am very excited. I felt like I was home those last two days and it seemed in the moments I to the core of my spirit I belonged here. I felt that way many times over the last 2 days. I am grateful my Spirit Guide brought me to Shauna and am looking forward to the future practicing what I have learned. Thank you so much!!!" Albert T. Walton, Yucaipa, CA

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