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Danielle Federico (also known as Elora Rose) is the founder of The Modern Spiritualist™ a movement to inspire and empower those who are seeking a spiritual connection and deeper understanding of themselves. The teachings are all lovingly embraced in ONENESS, as UNITY, one that represents sacred harmony and devotion to a spiritual pathway. The Modern Spiritualist™ is about safely exploring and deepening your meditation and spiritual practice. It's about learning how to strengthen your connection to your own "self" by releasing any limiting identities that may be preventing you from achieving and living your true purpose. Within the guidance of this practice, you adopt a lifestyle to live by your own sacred codes, healing outdated systems and patterns that are no longer serving you in order to find a harmonious and loving way of life. This movement opens inner doorways, offers guidance, plants new seeds, helps you to remember that no matter who you are, where you are, or what your beliefs are - you are a Divine Being and able to live a life of peace, joy and freedom.

Danielle teaches in many formats and blends a variety of spiritual backgrounds throughout her classes, that is, not just one specific orientation but a myriad of practices. Guided by higher education into many areas of practice, they include discussions and teachings on the Angelic Realms, Energy Healing, Ascended Masters, Sacred Geometry, Eastern philosophies, (Hindi), Western philosophies, Kabbalah, Christ Consciousness and other references to spiritually-based practices, all inclusive of the Higher Consciousness Lifestyle Teachings.

Modern Spirit Wellness, home of The Modern Spiritualist™ offers a sacred space and a calming environment. Danielle is skilled in a variety of modalities and various techniques to elevate participants on their personal journey. The following highlights Danielle's credentials:Danielle is a certified Hypnotist, Sacred Intuitive and channels most meditations and guidance from the angels and masters to share with her students. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Instructor. Founder of her own hybrid Yoga Training known as Modern Freedom Movement®. A Divine Light Energy Practitioner, Melchizedek Healing Facilitator (working with Kabbalistic and Ascended Master energy). Skilled in Akashic Record Readings, Self-Empowered Healing Modalities, EFT (tapping), Muscle Testing and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help promote healing, remove energy blocks and awaken new spiritual tools and techniques.


Being offered are certified lifestyle training's designed to assist you on your spiritual path and spread your angel wings! All training's are divided into 3 modules and are taught over a 12-month period. They are regularly offered and students will have an opportunity to work with their instructors to deeply cultivate a lifelong spiritual practice. The Modern Spiritualist™ is about helping to awaken the inner teacher and to inspire others to their own individual pathways of light. This is a group-focused training where the practitioners learn how to return back to their own Divine nature and share their gifts with the world.


Modern Spirit Wellness (Home of The Modern Spiritualist™)Modern Spirit Wellness is an all-inclusive healing center that covers everything from meditation and mindfulness, to yoga and the body, diet and nutrition (with awareness in Ayurvedic principles and Modern Shamanic teachings), energy work (explored in self-empowered healing) and holistic health. In addition to Danielle's spiritual and holistic credentials, she is also a licensed Esthetician, Aromatherapist and previous makeup artist with over a decade of experience in the skin care and artistry industry. Her goal is to offer life changing principles that help each person learn to love themselves on the inside and outside! Our body is a sacred vessel of light that when treated with love and respect, transforms us into the joy and love that we are meant to be. Through a sacred Channel Danielle's own spiritual guides gifted her with a special healing modality lovingly referred to as “The Elora Method”® . This training is complete with sacred geometric symbols, Divine Angelic Code Attunements and teaches the student to become their own healers. The mission behind Elora Method® is to teach each person how to heal their own unique individual self - giving through healing power then giving back to others where it ultimately belongs. All teachings offered at Modern Spirit Wellness are meant to shift and heal co-dependent patterns and offer empowerment, love and life purpose to every person and every pathway.


Danielle oversees a growing community with her focus on COMMUNITY and the importance of Unity. It is Danielle's mission to help spiritually strengthen, guide and share her gifts and insight with as many as she is able. Through these offerings and intuitive guidance she helps to inspire those in finding their own spiritual pathway and journey. Her offerings are extensive and many unique holistic and alternative therapies are offered at Modern Spirit Wellness. Danielle is available upon request to teach at other locations. Please email her at modernspirit@comcast.net

We are a SERIES based studio (no drop-in’s) and strive to do things differently and staying true to the “The Modern Spiritualist” way! Yoga, Breathwork, Children’s Yoga, Intuitive Development classes (The Awakened Creative), Meditation Classes and other Bodywork services are offered in either 4, 6 or 8 week series. You may choose which one works for you! We believe that anything worth practicing takes commitment and time in order to see and feel results - which is why we developed our Series classes. You will be provided with your 'class punch card' to get you ready for our signature and unique classes. And, if you happen to miss one of the classes, you may “jump” into another series as a makeup . To learn more, see us on our website at

www.themodernspiritualist.com (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.themodernspiritualist.com%2F&h=AT2kGhhU6-fMicHvTGqPyNqf2FLDi8o82S-P3hPhZKO7SMMNHrQ9yzQxoQ4hB6LaaRnjzUU6XwL3sbKKNBZ5HP629-NWybz_Yf7UNi6t-N93egscJiQxcuiNOjZOfOrJNLrvVjYtH83CUFF20hM)

Please check back regularly to see what is being offered!

Hope to see you soon.

Blessings for a Divine and Bright Future and May the Divine Light Always Guide You on Your Path.

Loving light,

Danielle Federico (Elora Rose)

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Gift Certificates and Angelic Aura Mist Sprays
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Gift certificates are available now if you would like to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping. I am offering 10% off all services per gift certificate only for November and December. I also have a beautiful, fresh batch of Angelic Aura Mist Sprays and Roll-on's. Each spray or roll-on includes nine different essential oils and seven chakra stones to help to bring balance and clearing to the body, Chakra's and Aura. These are available either via special order (I will ship) or at the office. 8 oz. Sprays are $25.00 each Roll-ons are $10.00 each Please let me know if you would like five or more. I will apply a discount. These items will be available for purchase at workshops as well.

In recognition of Valentine's day-Special Reading Price
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Join me this month for a Valentine's special. I am offering a special rate on readings for the entire month. You may choose from any reading you would like. I offer Akashic Record readings, Life purpose, Spiritual direction or Relationship/love readings. Please email me at [masked] to reserve your time. The rates are: 30 minutes - $45.00 (normally $65.00) 60 minutes - $75.00 (normally $125.00) Limited slots available. Please reserve early as I do anticipate 100% reservation. Please let me know if you have any questions. Peace and blessings, Danielle Federico [masked]

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