What we're about

A club for anyone who loves to cook, eat, expand their recipe rotation, and network with other likeminded foodies. This is a great opportunity to try new recipes, share favorites, learn something new, and of course meet new friends and network.

Each event will have a theme. Event attendees are required to bring a theme-appropriate dish to share (you may choose your own recipe or reach out to me if you’d prefer an assigned dish). Each recipe of the event will be shared with everyone in the group so that we may add it to our personal recipe collections. There will also be a number of seasonal events, such as a holiday cookie swap.

This can also be a great opportunity to learn new techniques and share any special skills that you are willing to share with the group. We can also address any cooking or baking challenges that you may be experiencing by asking the group either during an event or within the online group. Participation by all members will help grow a stronger community and make a better experience for all.

Background on my idea for a modern “cookbook” club:

My original plan was a cookbook club where each person makes one recipe from a different cookbook each month and brings it to share along with any tips or notes. After a little brainstorming I have come up with a different, more modern approach. Instead of making each person buy a new book each month, I’ve decided to switch gears so that members are essentially creating their own cookbook/recipe binder and expanding it each month. At least one a month we will have an event where everyone makes a different dish to pass, congruent with the assigned theme, along with the recipe so that others may add it to their own book/recipe collection.

Networking events can be monotonous and sometimes just weird and awkward. That’s why I’ve created The Nom Nom Network. This is not your standard networking group. This is a fun foodie community, designed to bring “chefs” of all levels together.


To create a welcoming community of people who enjoy cooking, mingling with others, and having fun. Meet new people to grow your sphere, friend circle, or both. A gathering amongst friends, a time to relish the flavors of life and take a break from day to day chaos.

Attendees are encouraged to bring along their business cards, if they so choose.

Who should join The Nom Nom Network:

Anyone who is 21+ that would like to cook, eat, and meet new people (to grow your sphere and/or make new friends). All skill levels welcome.

The idea is to do something fun with other people, who all share a similar interest.

While the group will be fun and inviting, members and attendees are expected to follow the required guidelines and participate appropriately. Please be kind to others and follow the rules.

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