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7 Essential Laws to Mastering Your Destiny
Come join me for a discussion on the 7 Essential Universal Laws that will help you master your own destiny and take control of your life. We will meet weekly at Perk and Brew in Cape Coral from 1:00-2:00pm. If you're not familiar with the Universal Laws that's ok because you'll learn step by step on how to master them and implement them into your daily routines. After each discussion you'll get a chance to practice what you've learn and then come back and discuss your wins or challenges with what you've experienced. No more sitting back and letting life take control of you! Master your own Destiny! Look forward to seeing you!

Perk & Brew

1021 Cape Coral Pkwy E. #A · Cape Coral, FL

Respond by: 9/24/2018

What we're about

The purpose of this Meetup is to give members the tools to gain confidence in all areas of their life by learning how to work with their thoughts and feelings. Everything in this universe is Energy. We are Energy. When you learn that you give out a certain frequency or "vibe" as some like to call it, you are better able to take control of your life rather than just "deal" with the circumstances or situations showing up for you.

Life can throw us some pretty crazy situations that make us feel unbalanced. Sometimes that can leave us feeling stuck, like we don't have a choice. But we do. We have a choice in every moment and it's up to us to decide which thoughts to choose and how we react to situations.

We often look outside of ourselves for the answers to our problems. When we feel stuck in situations and the beliefs that we hold are preventing us from moving forward or achieving what we want, our sense of control is diminished. That leaves us in a space of doubt, worry, frustration, disappointment and many other debilitating feelings. We question everything.

However, the one thing that can shift the dynamic of the situation is something we don't put enough of our awareness and attention on. That is aligning what we think and how we feel. When those two things come together, magic happens or some like to call it miracles.

Join me as we work together to shift negative thinking, uncover limiting beliefs that hold us back and to create a deeper connection to our Divine self.

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I look forward to going on this journey with you.

Much love,


Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach/Divorce Recovery Coach

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