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Introduction to Letterpress

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Introduction to Letterpress


The Printing Museum will shortly be opening the first Book Arts Centre in the Southern Hemisphere in central Wellington. The centre will feature a printery, composing room and the bindery from the Parliamentary Library. The inaugural series of classes will be taught by international letterpress teacher and award-winning printer Graham Judd. Additional classes include a one day course on treadle and tabletop platens and a two-day Heidelberg Masterclass for the more adventurous. Open studios and regular events including classes on bookbinding, lettering and calligraphy will follow.

This four hour course is the perfect introduction to the traditional method of printing from lead type. Letterpress was the main method of printing for over 500 years from Johannes Gutenburg’s 1450s bible to recent times.

Letterpress has seen a huge revival in the United States and Britain while locally a number of artists and craftsmen have maintained the tradition. The three dimensional nature of letterpress is the perfect antidote to the flatness of digital print. This class will give you an insight into how the equipment, materials and techniques work.

The course will cover basic typography, composition, layout and letterpress techniques such as lockup, inking and paper selection on tabletop platen and proof presses. The main project will be printing letterpress business cards or an alternative on soft cotton paper.

Cost: $75 (Printing Museum members less 10%) includes 4 hours tuition, materials and Letterpress Booklet.

Venue: WCBA. Wellington Centre for Book Arts, Woolstore Building, 262 Thorndon Quay, Wellington

Time: 6-10pm Thurs 28th Nov, 2019. (Additional class possible Friday)

Cost: $75 (less 10% for members) includes 4 hours tuition, materials and letterpress booklet. Places are limited and can only be confirmed by payment.

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262 Thorndon Quay · Wellington