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Do you have an idea or do you want to launch an online business?

The Product Angle is a community of like minded people sharing learnings, stories, and links exploring:
1. Who is your Customer (and User), why would they buy?
2. What to build and why?
3. Sell by building relationships and branding.

Learn how to:

1. Explore and validate your ideas(s).

2. Build an audience.

3. Create a low-risk product.

4. Automate your sales.

5. Learn to improve critical problem-solving skills and negotiate effectively with colleagues, employees, clients, internal and external stakeholders.

Check out the podcast (https://theproductangle.com/podcast) where we speak to product managers and entrepreneurs who launch products and learn from them what has worked and what has not.

Other links:

Website (https://theproductangle.com)

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6frKMWXqVBR82MxSoOKwXg/featured?view_as=subscriber%3Fsub_confirmation%3D1)

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