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What we’re about


Acting, Drama & Art Therapy Movement is: "Think Before You Act Movement"
Acting, Drama and Art Therapy Movement group is for beginners and experts.
The Healing Center is focused on behaviors, acting, artist and their journeys in the arts/entertainment field. 
Our mission is to open doors to those less fortunate in marketing and exposing their dreams. 
We are here to bring out creativity in everyone that has potential talent in making a dream reality. 
The  group is focused on beginners and experienced actors and artist and shifting behavioral patterns. Our goal is for you to express yourself and heal yourself through acting and art expressions. 
Currently: we are driven by an additional mission that has brought Bout Me Magazine to collaborate with Bout Me Healing (Optimistic & Motivational) Human Developmental Healing Center of Awareness non- profit org.

Our focus on awareness supports Cancer, Domestic Violence, Creativity for Abused Children, Troops, Mental Health, Homeless and substance abuse.
It's not Bout us it's Bout you = Bout Me.
Join us and help us make a difference for people that want to share stories and create impressional art!
Bring your own materials to this group!
By becoming a member you save at least $250 a year, when attending one class a week. We offer a weekly class focused on behavioral changes, Acting, Drama, Art and Writing Movement class. Please ask!

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