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In this fast paced, achievement oriented society, we can easily feel disconnected from ourselves and others, detached from the deep connection that fills our lives with meaning.

When we come together to join in the sacred commitment to truth and authenticity, we experience the reality of our interconnectedness. Pathwork is a body of spiritual teachings grounded in the experience of meeting heart to heart, soul to soul, where Spirit is present in the honest, authentic interaction of kindred spirits committed to personal and spiritual development.

The Pathwork lays out a road map of sorts, of the soul's journey from separation, illusion, and duality, to connection, love, and union. It is the voyage of discovery of our Real Self, the deepest truth of who we are. We navigate the path by examining and transforming the obstacles in our lives that are preventing this union. In this way our entire lives become our spiritual practice! The Pathwork is not a religion, has no creed or dogma, and welcomes those of all faiths, or no faith at all. When we choose to engage in this work in community, we join a supportive fellowship that facilitates deep and lasting transformation.

Pathwork Helpers and Teachers offer local groups, workshops, Lecture Studies, individual sessions, and other opportunities to gather together as we share our spiritual journey. We invite you to join us on this inspiring adventure of learning to live a joyful, fulfilling, open-hearted life!

To learn more visit: http://sacreddiscoveriespathwork.com (Pathwork Helper Beth Hedquist)

Or: http://livingtransformationpathwork.com (Pathwork Helper Julia Jensen)

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