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The Sci Fi Book Club was founded in 2014 as a way to formally explore the genre of Science Fiction. With books ranging from classics to new releases and from novels to short stories, we aim for diversity in our selections. 
Club members have one month to read the book the group has agreed on. We meet in Manhattan on the third Sunday of each month to talk about our reading and all things Sci Fi. Our hope is that members will come ready to contribute to the conversation both in their thoughts on the given book and with any insight into related media that might inform our discussion. 
Occassionally we will all decide to take some extra time on a book, but members should plan on four weeks to complete the reading. You do not have to have finished the book to come to the meeting. We hope to see you either way, there's always plenty to talk about.

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Screener Info Session for the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival

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I am happy to report that we are teaming up with the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival again to act as initial screeners for submissions to the festival!

Book Club participants will watch as many of the 160 short and feature-length films as they can and confirm that they are, indeed, science fiction genre films. Then, we will rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 across a common list of attributes. All screenings and ratings are completed online and at your own pace over the next two weeks. It's a solid platform and easy to navigate.

If you're interested in participating, Mike Brown, Executive Director of the BSFFF, will be hosting two Zoom sessions this week so you can learn more about the process and get set up with access. The meeting will be about 30 minutes, please be on time.

Please note that it is mandatory to attend one of this week's Zoom meetings to participate in the screener program. If you are interested but have other obligations this Tuesday and Thursday evening, please message Jon Nutting and I'll see what we can do.

This was a lot of fun last summer and promises to be even better is year. I hope you'll pitch in and watch with us!

The BSFFF Website: https://brooklynscififilmfest.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bkscififilmfest/

"The Last Astronaut" by David Wellington

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Hi all,

Big Announcement!
We at TSFBC are going to evolve our selection and meeting schedule based on some recent conversation with membership. Moving forward, we will identify multiple books at a time when we poll for the Book of the Month (our flip flop between classic and contemporary selections will stay in place). This development will allow you to plan in advance a bit more and gives us all an opportunity to reserve, save up for, or hunt at local book shops for the selections in advance.

I will post our July and September events once we pick our classics at the end of June.

Book of the Month
The Last Astronaut - David Wellington (2019)

Based on this month's contemporary novel survey, we are reading 'The Salvage Crew' for June and will read David Wellington's 2019 release 'The Last Astronaut' in August.

This one is a little bit of a dark horse but is an interesting concept so happy to get into it. Nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award (and an Audie for the audiobook production) in 2020, 'The Last Astronaut' follows a disgraced astronaut and her shot at redemption. Based on what I gather from the review below (beware spoilers), it is one part space adventure, one part alien contact, and has sprinkles of horror and suspense.


'The Last Astronaut' was shortlisted as one of the most interesting new sci fi novels on a couple of the sites I go to for my research. Let's see what we uncover!


"Little Fuzzy" by H. Beam Piper

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Hi everyone,

Book of the Month
Little Fuzzy - H. Beam Piper (1962)

This is going to be a fun one! We have read a few first contact and alien encounter novels during 2022 and this is one that came up during our meetings a number of times. What may seem at first look like a Disney-friendly kid's story, is actually a heart-felt novel about sentience, corporate greed, and alien contact.

There is a lot of love out there for this series of novels known as "The Fuzzy Sapien Saga". From what I hear, however, the first chapter in the series does still operate well as a standalone story. One bit of cautionary advice comes from the website sfreviews.net: "Little Fuzzy is a delight, as long as you're aware you're in for cuteness by the trowel." They also note that "...Little Fuzzy is emphatically science fiction..." so don't worry, we're not getting cuteness in place of sci fi. More info on this Hugo-nominated novel here at Goodreads, as well.

Enjoy and we look forward to seeing you in September!
A reminder that you do not necessarily need to read the book to join us for our Zoom meeting. Hop on in and hang out! Ask questions or just get the vibe. All are welcome :)



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Screener Info Session for the Brooklyn SciFi Film Festival

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