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What we’re about

This is The SocialCode. Our aim is to create an environment where developers of all levels can come and feel a part of the conversation, focusing not just on the sharing of knowledge but also creating a true sense of community. 

With The SocialCode, no matter where you are in your software development career you can be part of the conversation. You are welcome to contribute to any discussion or presentation no matter how much or little previous experience you have with a topic and most importantly, you are welcome in The SocialCode circle to contribute as much or as little as you'd like. This is about what suits you as a developer.

Moving forward, we're always looking for new contributors to the group. So if you're a developer with a burning desire to share some of your knowledge and create a conversation, a collective looking to add value to the community, or simply keen to come along and watch, listen and learn then get in touch, and join The SocialCode.

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