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This is The SocialCode. Our aim is to create an environment where developers of all levels can come and feel a part of the conversation, focusing not just on the sharing of knowledge but also creating a true sense of community.

With The SocialCode, no matter where you are in your software development career you can be part of the conversation. You are welcome to contribute to any discussion or presentation no matter how much or little previous experience you have with a topic and most importantly, you are welcome in The SocialCode circle to contribute as much or as little as you'd like. This is about what suits you as a developer.

Moving forward, we're always looking for new contributors to the group. So if you're a developer with a burning desire to share some of your knowledge and create a conversation, a collective looking to add value to the community, or simply keen to come along and watch, listen and learn then get in touch, and join The SocialCode.

Upcoming events (1)

The SocialCode 2: Organic Design Systems, Procedural Generation & Mental Health

So, after a first event that was an extremely enjoyable evening, The SocialCode is back. For those of you who haven't come across us before we're an inclusive minded development community that aims to provide people with access and knowledge around topics that can apply to them as developers in the industry.

So, no matter what your experience in the world of software development is, if you have an interest in the topics on show then get yourself on the call. Also keep an eye out for some fantastic giveaways from our sponsor for the evening: The Dining Club Group.

EVENT LINK: Uploaded to this page 24 hours before event starts.

The Speakers (Running Order TBC):

Chuck Rice - Technical Lead at Residently - Organically Growing a Design System From Scratch

It seems like only large companies with big budgets have the capacity to create and maintain a thriving Design System. I'll let you in on a secret: they're struggling just as much as you. But it doesn't have to be so hard, and it works even for the smallest of projects. I'll show you the fundamentals of how to grow a Design System for real—not just some pristine Figma files or code snippets like the next guy.

Skylar Gill - Software Developer at Sorted - Procedural Generation and Reproducible Chaos

Procedural Generation is a method of producing data algorithmically, using constraints to shape randomness into something coherent. This technique has been used in many games such as Minecraft, Spore, and the infamously complex Dwarf Fortress.

In this talk we'll go through what Procedural Generation is, take a brief look at some uses of it and how some of its principles may be useful in areas outside of game development.

Dan Rowe - Founder at Dan Rowe Training/Facilitator at Andy's Man Club Manchester - How Being Suicidal Saved My Life

Dan Rowe is passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental health within male dominated environments. Having had a challenging journey with his own mental health he has used these experiences to help others. Dan has worked with numerous businesses to create well-being strategies focused on challenging the idea that 'Men Don't Talk'.

Outside of work, Dan loves to spend time with his son and is the co-host of a podcast/radio show called 'The 84'.

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