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Let us meet up and learn how to become an E-business owner!!!
I welcome all the members of the Group to attend this meeting. There will be some time allocated for networking. Please bring plenty of business cards. I will explain how to become an E-Business owner. I may allow few 5 minutes slots for members to voice their experience of their e-business. By attending this Group Meeting, You will learn: 1. How to use WordPress to build a Website 2. How to make money online 3. How to leverage your Time and Effort to build your Dream Business -NetworkMarketing 4. How to join a Multi Million Global Company for a small investment and running cost. 5. Learn the advantages of starting an E-Business over a traditional business 6. How to bring in traffic to your website and much more. You can get a hosting account for £60.00 per year where you could develop your own website. Please call me well in advance on[masked] to let me know you will be attending the meeting.

Zebrano Soho

18 Greek Street · London W1D 4DS

What we're about

Providing professional training and lectures, to anyone who would like to develop skills in business or personally.

Entrepreneurial thinking is not only a key creative ability in business and the world of financial reward, but also the answer to developing a great career and personal life.

The purpose of the group is to supply expert knowledge and training to as many people as possible, and see if by working together armed with a variety of new skills these individuals can really make a difference to their own lives as well the groups.

We provide a unique introduction into the world of success, for anyone who wants more from life and retains the desire to develop a creative entrepreneurial mindset.

What this group offers members is a seven day free success training as a taster, followed by 7 weeks influence training if you join as a full member of the group for £100.
Membership includes access to:
Daily success tips
Bi monthly live training sessions
Meet ups
Audio and video training sessions
Five exercise and guidance modules per week across seven weeks to develop your skills in influence, the law of attraction, the science of creative entrepreneurialism, creative thinking, expansive thinking, creative writing, problem solving, success planning, sales, negotiation, NLP, personal hypnosis, success strategies, support and guidance.
Access to the genius program with a personal target of one million pounds.

Each 2 hour live training session will be intensive and cover a considerable amount of ground including personal and business success strategies, developing a creative and success based mindset, leadership & managerial skills, time management, influence and persuasion, hypnosis & NLP, as well as delving into social conditioning and behavioural psychology.

Those who become members will learn advanced communication, confidence, motivation, and leadership skills, as well as develop very strong team building abilities. In essence winning friends and influencing people along the way.

The Meet Up is specifically designed to give its members every facility to not only develop their potential, but also actively take part in the development of others.

My personal background is in building businesses and helping professionals achieve their personal and business aspirations. I have trained and lectured all over the world to many nationalities on a wide variety of subjects as well as having written novels and works on business, personal and social development. My last book recently ended up on David Cameron's desk, and I have been featured on the BBC as well as having spoken on Radio.

This group is a social opportunity for me to meet and help other people who I would otherwise never come in contact with; as well as give something back to people who could do with a little insight motivation and extra help to get on in societies where all too often people are suppressed.

If you are interested, all I ask is you support the group with your attendance and enthusiasm.

All the best


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