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Who would you be without your story? The Work of Byron Katie ("The Work") is a way to identify and investigate the thoughts that cause stress, fear, anger and sadness in our lives. It is a simple way to end our own suffering. By investigating the beliefs that cause us stress, we gradually become more aware of the peace and love that are our true nature. Anyone with an open mind can do The Work. The Work is simply four questions and a turnaround that we ask of any stressful thought. Come and learn this simple, radical, and life-changing process. Discover who you can be without your stressful thoughts! Recommended Reading: Loving What Is by Byron Katie. I need your love, Is it true? By Byron Katie See Byron Katie's website to download free information and worksheets and to learn how to do The Work. http://www.thework.com/

The miracle of love comes to you in the presence of the uninterpreted moment. – Byron Katie

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Ki's Restaurant

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