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Philip H. Community Meetup #6 | Europe & Americas

Details is changing the way that embedded software engineers and software developers are thinking about the creation of connected products. We are continuously evolving our approach and aim to increase the amount of practical experience from users into this meetup. Don't miss out. Sign up now!


  • Welcome
  • Updates in release 0.8
  • Managing child devices with
  • Leveraging self-update
  • Detecting anomalies with federated ML
  • Integrating external assets using MQTT
  • Integrating multiple OT protocols simultaneously
  • Experiencing as a user
  • Guru Bar / Networking
  • Close


  • Philip Hooker | team
  • Andrej Schreiner | team
  • Murat Bayram | Solution Engineer, Software AG
  • … and more to be announced shortly Community Community
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