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What we’re about
Building on the success of our 10,000+ members in locations all around the world, we are a group of locals, internationals and visitors alike who aren't afraid of thinking while drinking.
We are dedicated to the following:
Open Communication
In Person Social Networking
Community Involvement
Good Times with Great People
We are open to anyone with an open mind, drive for new ideas and creating connection with people in your community.

//Ian & Co.

**********Reviews of our group:
* I was new to San Antonio and eager to find a fun, interesting crowd. Enter T&D under the inspired leadership and direction of one Ian C. Perry. It's been a 18 months of great conversations, killer hangs and hilarious misadventures. And I met my best friends and boyfriend through the meetup! These are my kinda people. -- Sherry, 38, Tennessee
* Thinkers n Drinkers has been a fascinating experience for me. It is a discussion group with a wide range of topics and a diverse group of people that NEVER got heated. Even though the topics can be controversial and polarizing, no one was ever shouted down or became visible angry, only diplomatic and personal conversations. Thinkers n Drinkers is a safe space where one can speak and share freely. Ian is a fantastic facilitator that sets a space that is open and inclusive. All perspectives are welcomed, encouraged and nurtured. The community created through Thinkers n Drinkers lives on outside of the weekly meetings through friendships and adventure outings. Thanx Ian!!!! -- Alexei, 31, Texas
* Drinkers and thinkers is a place that challenges your thinking and to learn about perspective. I always loved being intrigued by other people's opinions and learn more about the topic of that night. I am more of a listener than a talker but it did make me more confident in speaking and not being judged. Its a great group that I got to experience a few times. -- Juanita, 19, Colorado
* The best part about this group is getting to meet really cool people. You get share and express your ideas and opinions on different topics of life and also welcome in new ideas you may never have thought about before. Plus the drinking part is always fun. -- Lacey, 26, Florida
* It all started a couple years ago with a discussion on what defined happiness. Since being hooked by that enlightenment, I have enjoyed many discussions (with beer in hand) over subjects ranging from relationships and religion to success and money. Sometimes broad like "What is success". Sometimes specific like "Is monogamy necessary in a relationship". I always thought the taboo topic of politics would have made things interesting for the diverse/open minds in the group, but maybe it would have led to unfriending on Facebook, so better left unspoken and we all stay Thinkers, Drinkers and Friends. -- Joe, 63, Texas
* Moving across the country is like any big change in life. Finding yourself in new surroundings and meeting new people is simple enough however, most often you find yourself having superficial conversations and making light acquaintances. Thinkers and Drinkers was a breath of fresh air. I found myself surrounded by people who like me wanted to have meaningful conversations, people who wanted to delve deeper than the normal light chat we all find in a bar. The group breaks down the barriers by combining fun, social activities like meeting in bars, camping, outdoor activities, coupled with honest exploration of a variety of topics.
I would highly recommend this to anyone searching for good conversations and great friends. -- Jason, 38, Connecticut
* Diverse, witty, brain stimulating, and headed by the most awesome Meetup organizer. I miss it tremendously and might move to Stuttgart. Wait no more and join the fun. -- Ikram, 35, Morocco
* A friend invited me to a Thinkers and Drinkers meet-up. I don't drink, so I was a bit doubtful. I am SO glad I went! The conversation was wonderful, and the people even more so. I've since gone on multiple camping trips and other various T and D events, made new friends, connections, and a slew of inside jokes. The events are always well-organized, and the founder, Ian, is a total hoot. You are and always will be welcome, and he makes sure you know it :) -- Kara, 29, New York
Instagram: @ThinkersDrinkersInternational

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