On Being Out of Touch With One's Feelings (Special Labor Day Weekend Event)

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Our Labor Day Weekend topic is less academically philosophical and more emotionally personal. We look at ourselves as a single being, but in reality, there are (at least) two distinct parts to mental life: a feeling self and an observer self. Sometimes the two are aligned, at other points, it’s far trickier.

What are the reasons that it is difficult for the observing self to report accurately on feelings?

How can we better observe our feelings?

Understanding the gap within ourselves between what we feel and what we are aware of brings forgiveness and understanding for the similar situations of others. Feelings shouldn’t always be followed, but they should be acknowledged so as not to exert a malign subterranean influence.


Note: Here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XjntcA6V3B8dwdl5OBwbDHQtwXPY5rD5N0kUBVNMFpk/edit?usp=sharing) is the shared spreadsheet to track who is bringing what.

A little twist for this holiday weekend - Vijay has offered up his sweet pad as a location for our event and Daniel has selected the topic and offered to facilitate the discussion (giving your regularly scheduled facilitator a chance to join the circle from a different perspective)

Vijay also has a BBQ so we'll be grilling! Burgers, good hot dogs and grilled corn along with the drinks - wine, beer, whatever. Here again is the shared spreadsheet to track who is bringing what: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XjntcA6V3B8dwdl5OBwbDHQtwXPY5rD5N0kUBVNMFpk/edit?usp=sharing Fill in your name next to what you can bring keeping in mind the cost and effort for others - thanks!