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In Silicon Valley and beyond, we've heard countless stories of brave business owners and dedicated entrepreneurs sharing firsthand accounts of hardships they face in building their companies. We've learned that a variety of barriers exist preventing business owners from getting the legal help they need. Legalucy (https://www.legalucy.com/) empowers business owners with the info. necessary to spot issues, take action, and stay safe with our interactive guide and risk management system. We make legal tasks fast, affordable, and even fun!

One way Legalucy makes a difference in the community by advancing equal opportunities for diverse entrepreneurs is by sponsoring Zimtalks (https://www.parazim.com/zimtalks)seminars. Join us for a local event, and learn how to #thinkoutsidethefirm (http://www.legalucy.com/) today!

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Launch and Roar- an entrepreneurial breakthrough series

WeWork Valley Towers

It's a jungle out there, but legal doesn't have to be! After securing our own lead investor in just 30 days, Legalucy, Inc. decided to pay it forward by creating Launch and Roar, a 7-Part Breakthrough Series for entrepreneurs seeking to earn, protect, and attract more money into their businesses. It's free to attend! Guests can enter to win exciting prizes, and one lucky grand prize winner will receive $5,000 legal solutions credit. --- Over the next 7 months, we will share a treasure trove of inside, proven, expert tips related to (1) intellectual property, (2) corporate entities, (3) employment/hr, (4) online data collection and privacy, (5) securing funding to grow, (6) setting up shop/real property, and (7) appropriately handling finances to build wealth. Attendees will learn how each of these 7 topics overlap and ultimately impact the ability to build a successful company. In depth discussions from industry experts will help business owners learn to spot issues, take action, and stay safe, and talks will cover overaching concerns such as: -Building the business to scale: Are you working long hours but feeling like something is holding your business back? If your business is growing, but not scaling, then that could be a major issue. -Guarding your investment: In business, the doors must remain open. Many business owners are so eager to make money, they ignore risks. As a result, according to U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, small business owners end up paying $100 Billion per year on litigation. The time, energy, and cost of being sued is preventable in many cases, and litigation can easily shut down your business. -Joining forces with top talent: The savvy business navigator never travels solo. Building and growing a strong team is essential to growth and success. Many business owners struggle, however, with ongoing issues in this area. -Funding your business growth: To scale your business, you will need funds to cover, for example, paying new hires, admin, developing technology, and marketing expenses to help meet transactional and revenue goals. -Establishing efficient systems: The smart business owner does things right the first time, delegates tasks, and automates processes to operate more efficiently and at a lower cost. Automation tools are available to handle, for example, CRM, marketing, sales, accounting, HR, and legal. --- PART 1: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Sept. 26th, Panel of Speakers to include: -Harmony Oswald, U.S. Army Veteran, Member of the CA Bar, Founder & CEO, Legalucy, Inc. How to Secure a Lead Investor in 30 Days -Ellie Ahi, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Legalucy, Inc., Angel Investor, Keiretsu Forum Spot and Secure Inventions in Tech Dev. -Wendy Ryan, Founder & Principal, SJ Leadership Coach, Lead Investor, Legalucy, Inc., Angel Investor, Golden Seeds Becoming Fundable: Here's What Investors are Looking For in an Early Stage Startup --- There's no cost to attend! Plus, all attendees can enter to win $$$ PRIZES below: Guests who (1) attend all 7 Launch and Roar events, (2), sign up for a free account at legalucy.com and (3) refer 3 friends by emailing the friend's names and email addresses to [masked] will be entered to win a grand prize of $5,000 legal solutions credit with participating law firms on the Legalucy platform. Guests who (1) attend 3 or more Launch and Roar events, (2) sign up for a free account at legalucy.com and (3) refer a friend by emailing the friend's name and email address to [masked] will be entered to win 5 second place prizes of $1,000 legal solutions credit with participating law firms on the Legalucy platform. No purchase necessary. Must live in the State of CA to win. Official drawing to occur in March, 2020. Drawing date TBA. Email [masked] for details. --- RSVP at Legalucy Eventbrite page here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/launch-and-roar-an-entrepreneurial-breakthrough-series-tickets-70705838065

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