What we're about

It's a jungle out there, but legal doesn't have to be!

In Silicon Valley and beyond, we've heard countless stories of brave business owners and dedicated entrepreneurs sharing firsthand accounts of hardships they face in building their companies. We've learned that a variety of barriers exist preventing business owners from getting the legal help they need. Legalucy empowers small business owners to spot issues, take action, and stay safe with our interactive pre-lawyer assistant- a patent pending technology. Try it free at legalucy.com (https://www.legalucy.com/)

We are on a mission to break down barriers to legal for all Americans. We're doing this by building a strong community of business owners (and modern, tech savvy lawyers who are dedicated to empowering them). Legalucy shares valuable content via our events and live broadcasts such as:

Launch and Roar- an entrepreneurial breakthrough series (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/launch-and-roar-an-entrepreneurial-breakthrough-series-tickets-70705838065)

Break the Roles startup pitch events (https://www.breaktheroles.com/)

Think Outside the Firm podcast (https://www.thinkoutsidethefirm.com/)

LIVE streamed events (http://bit.ly/legalucylive)

With Legalucy, you'll learn to #thinkoutsidethefirm (http://www.legalucy.com/) in a flash. Together, let's change the way legal gets done!


Harmony Oswald


Founder & CEO, Legalucy, Inc.

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