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In Silicon Valley, we've heard countless stories of brave business owners and dedicated entrepreneurs sharing firsthand accounts of hardships they face in building their companies. We've learned that a variety of barriers exist preventing business owners from getting the legal help they need. For example, people are not sure whether or not they have a legal issue, so they search on the internet and ask friends in an effort to help themselves. They get conflicting answers. Further, they aren't sure what they can resolve independently, when an attorney is advisable, and the majority cannot afford high lawyer fees. They end up confused and worried, and rightfully so! Mistakes, fines for non-compliance, and litigation can quickly shut down a business.

At Legalucy (https://www.legalucy.com/) we empower business owners with the information necessary to spot issues, take action, and stay safe. We make legal tasks fast, affordable, and even fun! Join us at #THINKOUTSIDETHEFIRM, a live event in Silicon Valley, where you will learn skills to help yourself. To learn more, visit http://www.thinkoutsidethefirm.com

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