What we're about

Think about it... a group devoted to intellectual discourse, philosophical inquiry, self-improvement through education, and community improvement through communication.

think. strives to be such a group.

We will meet weekly on the following thematic cycle

First Wednesday: Science Night

Second Wednesday: Philosophy Night

Third Wednesday: Pushing the Envelope Night

Fourth Wednesday: Book Club Night

for in-depth discussions of prepared topics.

think.ers will be encouraged to consider and practice The Eight-fold Path of Discourse

Keep an Open Mind

Remain Calm

Pursue Understanding

Ask Questions

Elucidate Assumptions

Emphasize Relevance

Employ Precise Language

Think about Everything

to maximize achievement of the Four Noble Values.





Please join us for evenings of thoughtful conversation, entertaining edification, and friendly camaraderie!

Past events (52)

Documentary Screening Event - Growing up Together

Clinton Street Theatre

Can Human Beings Understand the Universe?

Tom's Restaurant