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What we’re about
If you interested in practicing your intuitive gifts as well as sharing techniques and experiences so that we can all learn from each other.  We are open to all modalities and school of metaphysical and esoteric thoughts. We play with multiple modalities including all the clairs (clairvoyance), psychometry, remote viewing, body scanning, tarot, pendulums, astral travels, UFO (all aliens are welcome too), ghosts, spirit guides, angels, higher self, theta healing, reiki, any kind of energy healing, parallel/past life regression, akashic records, hypnosis, starseed connection, shape shifting (this is interesting if you are one, love to hear from you), herbalists, indigos, crystal children, ouiji/spirit board, seance, Hermetic principles, and more.
This group is to provide an environment that will facilitate learning and support from each other. We are all teachers and students for each other, sometimes without even realizing it. You are all welcome to share your gifts or let me know if you want to host an event. This group is open to all levels. Come and join us!

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