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Dani Forsyth: Living an Authentic Life
Dani Forsyth will be our guest speaker for this session of Third Tuesday. She will share her life-altering transition to living authentically. Her journey is about finding her true female self after having been born in a male body. From her story and her experience you will discover what she has learned about being authentic and true to herself. It hasn't been an easy journey but she has succeeded, wonderfully. Dani will share the lessons she has learned and guiding principles which all of us can apply in our personal and business lives. We can learn from Dani. She is truly amazing and courageous. Note: There is a charge to help cover the minimum fee of $500. One beer is included with your fee. Sadly, there is a limit on the number of tickets available - only 32. Buy your ticket as soon as possible. This event will sell out quickly.

Madison's 12/12 Inglewood

1212 9 Avenue SE · Calgary, AB

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NOTE: This was a meetup in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Somehow we lost ownership and someone in Wichita, Kansas picked it up. Why someone in Wichita wanted members from Calgary, I'll never know. But we have it back. Welcome everyone.

Our first meeting as a revived group will be June 19, 2018 (or not) in the evening. I'll keep you posted.

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