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What we’re about

...each of our lives is a story, and every story is about a struggle, a fight. A fight against sickness... poverty... or each other. Some of us fight for big things, like ideas, freedoms, rights. Some fight for little things, like a name, a piece of land, or for a friend...

There is a fight inside each man and woman as well...
Preamble from the movie The Warrant, 2021

This is a project about creating stories. Graphic stories. This year, the Supreme Court is expected to be making decisions that will have a great impact on all of our lives. I would like to gather a group of artists who would be interested in exploring Supreme Court decisions through graphic storytelling.

Our first thought is that every month we will choose a Court decision and create a story around it. It could be interesting to explore the effect they will have on different people's lives.

Works to be exhibited at the John Daniel Teply Gallery. We are looking at the option of having this collection of stories published.