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Ladies, do you have a lot more FIGHT left in you? Cool! Keep Reading....

Whatever we have done in our lives makes us what we are when we die, and everything, absolutely everything counts. What has been your life review so far? Is there more to your story to create? Need inspiration and tons of support doing it? Want more confidence, radiance, magnetism, abundance and a little more wild in your life?

Sweet Sisters….I’m sure, like mine, your spirit has been beckoning for years now and it’s time to LISTEN! You know it’s true don’t you?

Let’s start now with all the vigor in the world and create the story we want to proudly look back on with no regrets. We won’t have to say, “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself not a life others expected of me”! or “I wish I had not worked so hard and that I had let myself be happier.”

You will find inspiration here to achieve amazing things.

Throw the past back to the Universe. It’s taught you a lot. Now, we will create EPIC second halves of life. How are you strangling your desires? Join us and we will chip away at the wall blocking you from your truth. Discover what you are capable of.

I am Daphne, meditation teacher, spiritual geekstra, entrepreneur soul coach, fierce adventurer on this same journey, spreading lessons learned, new ideas and space to let your true self speak loud and clear. I am volunteering to be your guide and facilitator on this journey from mess into a message from victim to victory.

My vision is a group, a society, “Like No Other”. We will experience success together. Play together and even travel together. We will live with purpose and we will live with fierce conviction and commitment. We will dive deep into our deepest passions and great aspirations. We will move boldly and unapologeticly towards that which inspires us. We will take responsibility for the fact we are alive. Therefore, we have the ability to choose what we want to experience in every moment.

I have learned painfully that happiness is a choice. Clarity is a choice. Progress is a choice. What will you choose for the balance of your life? Welcome to the year of COURAGE.

Are you willing to face whatever stands in your way of your truest expression? Will you challenge yourself to release those old stories, old habits, old thought patterns that no longer serve you. Will you go boldly towards what inspires you? Will you summons the courage to welcome change where change is needed? Great, let’s rock it now!

If you want to experience better health, want to enjoy greater quality of life, want to launch that new business venture or grow an existing one, bold action is the key. Life is precious.

May the second half of life be all that you envision! May you answer the call of your greatest passions and inspirations. And may you experience life as a precious gift and a creative act of tremendous love.

This is your girl, Daphne….Happy, new change of course in life…..it all starts with a search inside yourself….

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