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To educate ourselves on how to help the body and mind thrive in an EMF saturated world.

Many countries in the world are changing policy to protect their citizens, particularly children, from the effects of the constant bombardment of man made Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). But the US is far behind. So, while we work to wake each other up, develop the confidence to speak up and begin to change policy, there are healthier lifestyle choices that you can make to create a more supportive environment for your body and mind to thrive in.

We will be sharing the Heartfull Meditation techniques, created by Savitri. These techniques teach you how to access the Light of your own soul and how to bring that Light around you to help to restore the natural flow of protective energy in and around the body. The practice of these techniques strengthen the bodies own ability to support and protect itself and even thrive in an increasingly toxic environment.

We will present a line of products that were created by Savitri to help to transform toxic electromagnetic radiation from smart meters, electronics, cell phones, cars and the general environment into a form of energy that is much more bio compatible. You can feel the difference!

We will also look at other ways you can work to strengthen your natural ability to thrive in an increasingly EMF and chemically saturated world, such as:

Food choices

heavy metal detox

EMF Shielding

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