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Car ride to join the Cerro Colorado hike [Breathe free, See the Tijuana lights]
Tuesday and Thursday We'll meet at D'Volada in Plaza California at 7pm. We'll drive to the Cerro Colorado to join the hike. Afterwards, we can explore the city in search of new food places! I only have space in my car for 3 more people so the RSVP is limited to 3 people. See past photos to see what the hike looks like! It's challenging and has loose rock in places. The hike takes about 2 hours in roundtrip. Be prepared to fall - recommend hiking poles and gloves to help get back down. Bring: Comfortable hiking shoes and warm clothing as it's normally colder at the top. Two liters of water A flashlight or head light A camera (preferably with flash) Have you conquered the Cerro Colorado yet? The event is free but a small donation helps to cover the expense of gas, tires and time! :)

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Tijuana es la puerta norte de América Latina. Frontera con San Diego, se encuentra en Baja California. Conocida desde hace tiempo como un destino turístico (no en el buen sentido). La ciudad se está transformando desde dentro a una meca cultural. Mientras que el panorama del arte y la comida obtienen la gran parte de atención, hay al mismo tiempo una escena al aire libre que está creciendo. Con el senderismo y las excursiones de camping de fin de semana y eventos en bicicleta, la escena de aventura al aire libre está unificándose con el rico patrimonio. Este es el primer grupo meetup de aventura al aire libre en la ciudad. En conjunto, con los grupos locales al aire libre de aventura, numerosos grupos de ciclistas y clubs de corredores, estas meetups variarán en ubicación sobre todo Baja California, incluyeran varias actividades al aire libre y seran eventos interculturales increíbles para todos los involucrados. Buscando co-administradores y sugerencias de actividades. Mucho gusto!! Bienvenidos a Tijuana Outdoor Adventure Meetup!!


Tijuana is the northern gateway to Latin America. Bordering San Diego, it is located in Baja California. Long known as a tourist destination (not in the good way). The city is transforming from within to a cultural mecca. While the art and food scene gets much of the attention, there is concurrently an outdoor scene that is exploding. With weekend hiking and camping excursions and bike events, the outdoor adventure scene is integrating into the rich heritage. This is the 1st outdoor adventure meetup group in the city. In conjunction, with the local outdoor adventure groups, numerous bike groups and running clubs, these meetups will vary in location over all of Baja California, include varying outdoor activities and be an amazing cross-cultural event for everyone involved. Looking for co-administrators and activity suggestions. Mucho gusto!! Bienvenidos a Tijuana Outdoor Adventure Meetup!!

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