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Time-series data is everywhere.

The rise of machine data has accelerated the growth of these workloads, but it isn't new. Especially in the great city of New York, where big banks, financial firms and ad tech companies are abound, time-series data is ever prevalent. And let's not forget about Silicon Alley and the vibrant startup scene growing quickly here.

This is a group for enthusiasts and professionals who work with time-series data on a daily basis, whether in Finance, DevOps, IoT, Monitoring, AdTech, Telecom, you name it! Or for those who are simply interested in learning more about what time-series data is, what types of analyses can be performed, where machine learning, predictive analytics and AI fit in, and, of course, how the streaming, database and visualization tools that help us collect, store and make sense of it are developed and used.

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