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Why are Distributed Systems so hard? with Denise Yu, Pivotal

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6:30-7:00 Food, Drinks, and Networking
7:00-7:30 Why are Distributed Systems so hard? with Denise Yu, Pivotal
7:30-8:30 Open discussion on databases for time series

*Why are Distributed Systems so hard? A network partition survival guide*

Distributed systems are known for being notoriously difficult to wrangle. But why? This talk will cover a brief history of distributed databases, clear up some common myths about the CAP theorem, dig into why network partitions are inevitable, and close out by highlighting how a few popular open source projects manage the uncertainty created during a partition event. Almost all slides will contain original illustration featuring mischievous cats masquerading as sysadmins. By the end of this talk you will have a better understanding about the design trade-offs involved in architecting for distributed systems, and hopefully be inspired to pick up sketchnoting!

Denise works at Pivotal Cloud Foundry, packaging open-source data projects such as RabbitMQ and Redis in wrappers (aka BOSH releases) so Cloud Foundry app developers can use them as backing data stores for their applications. Over the last two years, she has been working with the Cloud Foundry Services API, helping to build a unified experience for provisioning and managing on-demand database instances. Denise has previously delivered conference talks on topics ranging from continuous delivery to functional programming to scaling company culture. She enjoys learning about distributed systems, release engineering, and low-level Linux kernel programming.

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