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What we’re about

Welcome to the Times Square Startups (& Entrepreneurship) Incubator Meetup! Our group is dedicated to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. We're based in the bustling heart of Manhattan, NYC, and we meet exclusively in person to ensure the most effective collaboration possible.

Our core principles are:

No Idea is Too Dumb: We believe that every idea, no matter how unconventional, has potential. So please, don't be shy to attend and speak up! This is a safe space to brainstorm and share your thoughts.

Empowering Women & Minorities: We are committed to cultivating ideas from all walks of life, with a particular focus on providing a platform for women and minority entrepreneurs. Our aim is to have strong representation from diverse backgrounds, as we believe that diversity leads to a broader perspective and greater innovation.

Be Nice: We have a strict policy of maintaining a friendly and respectful atmosphere. Anyone who doesn't adhere to this principle will be blacklisted and not invited to future meetings.

Please note: We have zero tolerance for any MLMs or annoying marketing people. Our focus is on genuine collaboration and entrepreneurial growth.

As a strictly in-person meetup, we understand that certain events can be hybrid or virtual, but we believe that true collaboration and effective networking are best achieved face-to-face. Therefore, our events are exclusively in-person to maximize the potential for meaningful connections and idea sharing.

Join us today, and become part of a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs in NYC, ready to turn your dreams into reality with Times Square Startups!