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What we’re about


I am starting this free group to help like-minded enthusiasts discover the Benefits and Pitfalls of owning, constructing, and living in a Tiny House.
Over the years I have had friends who have jumped into this endeavor because of the allure created by Media outlets and unscrupulous contractors. Some only to find out later that it's not all that's what portrayed.

I don't claim to be an expert but I am very familiar with most aspects of construction. Over the years I have built my own Tiny House, traditional homes, commercial construction, and restored a few vintage RVs. I have lived in single studios, apartments, basements, campers, onboard ships, etc.

I am going to try and hold monthly live-stream Zoom meetings and when possible get-togethers. This way we can discuss a topic that will be posted in advance and then have an open discussion.

Hopefully, while you are along this journey members can make friends and meet up for trips, adventures, kayaking, hiking, etc.

I have created this link

This is the email for this group if you want to ask a question