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Welcome to the Tiny House Meetup! In this group, you will found other forms of tiny living, be it container, boat, tree house....you name it! Do you dream of a tiny house? Do you owe a big land that has room for Tinyhouser? Or do you find tiny house is fascinating? All are welcome!

We are like-minded individuals that support the spirit of tiny home ownership and share tiny living ideas. Ultimately, get out work on the project together. Lend helping hands, and share our skills. I dream that we facilitate a nation-wide community of other tiny-house owners, with whom to socialize.

The events we do here are Open House, Work Party, SketchUp design, Social Mixer and more... We are consistently looking for individual willing step out organize events. If you have an idea or project and want few people do it with you, or think might be fun for others, please put on the calendar!

To become an event organizer is easy, just email to littletinyhouse@gmail.com it will be done!

Feel free to post a message on the message board, Suggest a meeting, and connecting with other individuals through messages.

Last, I hope you enjoy the group and make it yours :D

Thank you!


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